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Website Policy

Miyoshi Real Estate Co., Ltd. ("Miyoshi Real Estate") sets forth the following Website Policy concerning the protection of privacy and personal information of the user ("Customer") of the website ("Website") operated by Miyoshi Real Estate.

When Miyoshi Real Estate receives personal information via the Website, Miyoshi Real Estate handles that information in a safe manner under strict management in compliance with the Website Policy set forth by Miyoshi Real Estate.
However, if provisions differing from this Website Policy are set forth in the rules of any specific service, the rules of that service are given priority.

  • 1.Personal information collection

    When Miyoshi Real Estate requests personal information from the Customer, Miyoshi Real Estate will clarify the usage purpose in advance and use the information to carry out that purpose.

    Concerning personal information disclosed by the Customer on the Website in Customer inquiries, requests, request for materials, and replies to questionnaires, campaign advertising, etc., Miyoshi Real Estate may use such information in responses and replies to the Customer, the delivery of materials, presents, etc., and business activities wherein the information is aggregated in a format that does not contain data that can identify any specific individual. However, Miyoshi Real Estate will never use the information for any purpose other than the usage purpose without the consent of the Customer.

    Personal information received from the client will be used only within the scope of the operating agreement: for execution of the contract with the customer, for contract management in order to perform the agreement and undertake rental transactions, and for post-contract management in order to undertake sales transactions and perform afterservice.

    Furthermore, Customers 15 years old and younger are asked to always obtain the consent of a guardian when supplying personal information.
  • 2.Disclosing personal information to third parties

    Miyoshi Real Estate never discloses personal information to a third party without the consent of the Customer.
    However, when Miyoshi Real Estate asks a Miyoshi Real Estate contractor to handle personal information, Miyoshi Real Estate will take the appropriate measures, such as confirming that protection of personal information is thoroughly enforced and signing an agreement with the contractor pertaining to personal information protection and confidentiality obligations. When information is handled by a contractor, all Customer information is still protected under the Personal Information Protection Policy of Miyoshi Real Estate.

    However, when Miyoshi Real Estate receives a lawful request for information disclosure from a court of law, the police, or an institution with an equivalent level of authority, Miyoshi Real Estate may disclose information in compliance with the law.
  • 3.The protection of personal information in linked websites

    The handling of personal information provided by the Customer at other websites which do not belong to Miyoshi Real Estate but are linked to from the Website is governed by the personal information protection policy of that linked website. Customers are asked to refer to those policies regarding protection.

    Furthermore, Miyoshi Real Estate is not liable whatsoever for any and all damages that occur in relation to personal information provided at a linked website.
  • 4.Access logs and history data

    On the Website, Customer history data is recorded in the form of an access log.
    The access log collects data that includes the Customer domain name, IP address, browser type, day and time of access, etc., but this is not linked to information provided by the Customer which can identify the Customer.

    Access logs are used for the maintenance and management of the Website and statistical analysis regarding Website usage, but are never used for any other purposes.

    Cookies and web beacons may be used on the Website, but they do not identify individual Customers. The usage of cookies makes it possible to record which pages website users have visited. The usage purpose of this record is to improve the quality of the Website to make it an ever more satisfactory experience for the Customer.
    Cookies are a way to store access data on the Customer's computer via a web browser (website viewing software) and retrieve that data as necessary. An expiration can be set, in which case expired cookies will be deleted.
    Web beacons
    Web beacons are a way of recording the access data of the website user by employing minute digital image files, etc., that function together with cookies.
  • 5.Copyrights

    Miyoshi Real Estate owns the copyright to all information provided on the Website and all logos, trademarks, videos, images, etc. appearing on the Website. However, concerning designs and sources for which the copyrights are owned by individuals and companies other than Miyoshi Real Estate, the copyrights are owned by the copyright holders of that content.
    The same applies to intellectual property rights, etc.

    The handling and usage of copyright protected content on the Website conform to the following policy.
    1. Personal display, reproduction, printing, etc. is allowed as long as the content is not appropriated into an environment viewable by third parties or used for commercial purposes. However, alteration, etc., is not allowed. Additionally, even in the case of personal use, any and all notices regarding copyrights, etc. must not be removed.
    2. Concerning usage other than that stipulated above, reusage, reproduction, and redistribution is only allowed after issuing a written request to Miyoshi Real Estate in advance and receiving official permission from Miyoshi Real Estate. However, Miyoshi Real Estate strictly forbids usage methods that may mislead or damage the user.
  • 6.Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information

    Miyoshi Real Estate manages the personal information of its Customers to keep it as accurate and up-to-date as possible. When requested by a Customer, Miyoshi Real Estate will disclose, supplement, alter, correct, delete, etc. the recorded information as necessary.

    Please be aware that when you contact us regarding personal information, we will confirm that you are the Customer to whom the information pertains.
  • 7.Disclaimers

    This Website includes information pertaining to the law, etc. However, when laws, etc. are revised, some information may not accurately reflect the law in periods of time slightly before or after the revisions occur.
    We request that Customers take responsibility themselves for assessing the accuracy or otherwise of such information by, for example, checking with the proper, relevant agencies that provide such information.

    Miyoshi Real Estate strives to maintain the legality, ethicalness, and accuracy of the information provided on the Website. However, Miyoshi Real Estate is not liable whatsoever for any detriment or damages arising in relation to such.

    Miyoshi Real Estate is not liable whatsoever for any suspensions of or defects in this Service (the Website and services based on the Website), or for any detriment or damages arising in relation to such.

    Customers are requested to use this Service only after taking responsibility themselves for assessing whether using the Service will be to their advantage or not, and whether the information provided is accurate or not.

Miyoshi Real Estate may revise the Personal Information Protection Policy and Website Policy displayed on the Website to actualize better personal information protection and to comply with the formulation and revision of laws, regulations, governmental and ministerial orders, and norms.

February 24, 2022
Miyoshi Real Estate Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Osamu Miyoshi