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Application for cancellation

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Type of Applications

Application for cancellation

Cancellation summary

Requireddesired date of moving out
・It represents the date you actually move out of the room (key return date). All belongings must be removed from the room by the moving-out date.
Requireddesired date of cancellation
・Represents the date the contract ends. If there is no prorated date in the contract, as a general rule, the cancellation date will be the end of the month, so please enter the date of the end of the month.
RequiredReason for cancellation
RequiredNew address
・It is necessary when documents such as statement of accounts are to be mailed after settlement.
・In the above example, if there is no proration, the earliest cancellation date is May 31st. Even if you move out (return the key) in the middle of the month, rent will be charged until the end of the month.
・In the case of a daily rate, the earliest cancellation date is May 14h (May 13th depending on the condition of the contract) one month later, and the rent will be charged until the cancellation date. For details, please check the terms of the contract.

Contract details

Requiredproperty name
RequiredRoom number
RequiredTenant name
RequiredTelephone number
RequiredEmail Address
RequiredProperty management

bank account information

RequiredBank name
RequiredBranch name
RequiredAccount type
・If you use Japan Post Bank, please enter the 7-digit account number for the transfer from another bank.
・In principle, the return account must be in the name of the contractor.

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