How about move
to that property you long
for at a reasonable price?

住み替え特典 通常30,000円のところ、初期費用10,000円(税別)で住み替え可能

BENEFITS OF RELOCATING Advantages of moving to Tokyo Beta

  • 01

    You can relocate with low initial costs

  • 02

    You can change your residence without troublesome procedures

  • 03

    Choose from 1,100 bases and 15,000 rooms

FLOW OF RELOCATION Flow of relocation

  • 01

    Property search from the app

  • 02

    Inquire about properties you like

  • 03

    Contract application for a new property

    Property management will contact you. If you give me your phone number when you contact me, it will be smoother.We have completed the process by completing the exchange of contract documents and payment of the relocation fee before the start of the contract for your new residence.

  • 04

    Automatically process the cancellation of your current Tokyo beta residence

    *There is no need for the customer to cancel the contract.

    The property management of your current residence will contact you regarding cancellation. The contract for the new residence and the contract for the current residence will be separate, so please do not forget to cancel the contract.

  • 05

    move to a new room