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The Ultimate Guide to Using Convenience Stores in Japan: Products and Services Explained

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Convenience stores in Japan are renowned for their versatility and array of services. For people coming from abroad, these stores can be a lifeline, offering an array of goods and services that make daily life easier. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the types of products available at Japanese convenience stores and the various services they offer.

Products Available at Convenience Stores


Japanese convenience stores stock a wide range of products, catering to various needs. Here are some key categories of products that are particularly handy:

Food Items

– Ready-to-eat meals like bento boxes, sandwiches, and rice balls, perfect for a quick and easy meal.
– Snacks and sweets, ideal for a little treat when you’re feeling peckish.
– Beverages, including soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and hot beverages.

Daily Necessities

– Household goods such as detergents, tissues, and batteries, essential for everyday living.
– Basic cosmetics, available for those unexpected needs.

Magazines and Books

– A wide selection of the latest magazines and books, covering a broad range of interests.

Services Offered at Convenience Stores

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Beyond purchasing goods, a variety of services can be availed at convenience stores:

Copying and Photo Printing

– Most stores are equipped with copiers, allowing not only document copying but also photo printing.

ATM Transactions

– ATMs at convenience stores enable cash withdrawals and deposits, even outside of regular bank hours.

Parcel Shipping and Collection

– Services for sending and receiving parcels are available, including collecting products ordered online.

Ticket Purchases

– Many stores offer services to purchase tickets for concerts, movies, sports events, and more.


Convenience stores in Japan play a role far beyond that of a simple retail shop. From food and daily necessities to a wide range of services, they are vital for supporting everyday life. By fully utilizing everything that convenience stores have to offer, life in Japan can become more comfortable and convenient.

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